“Artists are storytellers. Through their craft, they have the ability to tell their stories and their truth. We want to continually empower these voices to share their passions and talents to the world.”


Jennifer Chung Song | Singer, Songwriter, Actress

I'm motivated by gratitude. I take time to think about my hardest days in the past and how I dreamed of days where I'd be closer to where I am now. I'm able to look at what my husband (Joules) and I have built, our two dogs, and the work we continue to do to amplify the voices of others and I can't help but work a little harder even when I feel burnt out. It lights another fire in me. I wrote my song "Take It One Day at a Time" because I know how exhausting everything can get. I speak openly about mental illness because I want people to know that they're not alone. We may never completely understand each other, but we can have compassion and grace for one another. Always grateful, always working, always trying, always thriving." May her pursuit inspire you to continuously pursue 🌳

Connect // partnerships@jenniferchung.com; management@jenniferchung.com

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
— Joseph Pearce

Paul Nguyen | Co-founder and Creative Director at PollyVisuals

Before I began my journey in film production, I danced professionally for a couple years. I loved it, but I always had an interest in film. The way film evokes emotion with the style of the directors storytelling or seeing a different perspective through someone else’s eye. It stuck with me, and I wondered how I can combine film and dance together.” What inspires him everyday is the fact that he is able to do what he loves the most: creating. “The constant time and effort you have to put into your craft is hard, but once you discover your style and what you like, you can create what you want and gladly share it with the everyone.” With that said, thank you for sharing your story and always uplifting our community. May his pursuit inspire you to continuously pursue 🌳

Connect // paul@pollyvisuals.studio; pollyvisuals.studio


Kavi Vu | Storyteller by way of video, photo, and poetry.

In 1993, a photojournalist in Orlando, Florida captured my family’s first moments being reunited in America after my sisters escaped Vietnam on cargo boats. I found the photos and small article some 15 years later, learning more about my family’s history than I knew my whole life. I now dedicate myself to helping businesses and people tell their stories despite language, cultural, and technological barriers they face. The stories of each person I’ve worked with, from Chinese-Malaysian bakery owners (Sweet Hut!) who dreamed of introducing their love of Asian pastries on Buford Highway to the first Vietnamese American woman (Bee Nguyen!) to join Georgia’s House of Representatives, inspire me to hone my crafts every day. Their stories teach, uplift, hug, tickle, and most importantly, heal." Inspiration and motivation are contagious. We hope her pursuit may help you to continuously pursue 🌳

Connect // kavivu.com or kavi.vu@gmail.com

Sam Cho Headshot.JPG

Samuel Cho | Co-founder and Production Director at PollyVisuals

“I had a dream to make videos with my friends for a living and I’m so blessed and grateful that I get to do that everyday. The process of creating is tough and it’s hard to see what’s at the end but the moment I see the finished content or hear back from our clients, I think, “that’s why.” That’s why I do this. To make others’ dreams become realities.” Producing great content comes with patience and perseverance but with a team and supportive tribe, anything is possible. May his pursuit inspire you to continuously pursue 🌳

Connect // sam@pollyvisuals.studio; pollyvisuals.studio


Adelaide Taylor | Product and Project Manager at Blinkk

I have followed a non-traditional path into the technology field, one that has been guided and enriched by mentors and managers who were able to help me tap into an inner potential that I couldn't initially see for myself. Now, I enjoy working primarily on engineering teams because of the problem-solving nature of the work and because it's always changing and evolving. I am both very skilled and passionate about being a multiplier -- I am able to figure strengths and weaknesses of my team and empower them with the right tools and processes to strive and flourish in their roles. Because my role is not about being an individual contributor, I am able to stay motivated knowing that others are counting on me and that what Blinkk ultimately delivers to our clients requires a collective effort.

She is such a joy to work with and truly encompasses the work hard, play hard mentality. With work on one side, she places a huge importance on self-care and self-love. Did I mention that she’s a travel bug too? Check out her insta and show some love! May her pursuit encourage you to continuously pursue. 🌳

Connect // @adelaide_is ; adelaide.taylor@kollaboration.org