Featured Artists

Angela Tran (1).jpg

Angela Tran

Acrylic Painting & Mixed Media Artist

Angela Tran, a.k.a Ting, is an Atlanta-based, self taught artist. Her art is primarily inspired by her Asian-American background, feminism, vibrant colors, Japanese and Chinese contemporary art, pop art, surrealism, street art, music, fashion, her pekingese pack, and all things cute & cuddly.

christina kwan

Abstract Painter & Muralist

Christina Kwan is an Atlanta-based artist known for her abstract and floral works on paper. She developed her voice through school in a variety of mediums including painting, ceramics, and experimental mixed media installations. After receiving her BFA at University of Florida in 2010, Christina moved to Atlanta to pursue a creative career. As an emerging artist and muralist, she continues exploring imagery related to identity, moving the spirit through calligraphic strokes, fluid movement and precise marks.

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adelaide tai

Modern Abstract Resin and Mixed Media Artist

Adelaide is a Taiwanese American artist - born in Ohio and raised in Georgia by way of West Virginia. She studied international affairs at the University of Georgia completing terms for the study of Italian in Milan, IT and the study of politics at the University of Oxford. She began working in the arts when she took a position as associate curator at the Art Museum of Chianciano with the purpose of becoming fluent in Italian. Since then Adelaide has worked in galleries as a residential art consultant, in commercial art consulting for an artwork publishing house, and as a fine artist. Her work explores the balance between organic freedom and synthetic constraint.

joy zhang

Intuition-Guided Illustrator

A self-taught outsider artist with curly Asian hair. Born in the US, but spent childhood learning Chinese classics in Shanxi, Taiyuan. Systems designer and engineer with obsession in sustainability.

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Soon Mac Kweon.png

soon mac kweon


Mac enjoys taking pictures of anything and everything. Landscape had been his early interest due to hiking and backpacking through mountains both east and west. Street and concert photography is his forte lately but more experimental photos have been interesting to him.

namhyo kim

Painter & Designer

I am a painter from South Korea. Currently, I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia. I am interested in the relationships between people and issues in our society. Drawing from my own experience, I weave these themes into my works. Recently, I explore painting through different brush stroke techniques.

Namhyo Kim (1).jpg

Nicole Kang.jpg

Nicole kang

Mixed Media Painter

Nicole is a visual artist specializing in portraits, blending drawing and painting methods on wood and paper. Her colorful works pay homage to Korean heritage and to her late mother as a way of reconnecting with her roots. She lives with her husband and dog in Atlanta.

Sara Ann Reheis

Mixed Media Artist

Sara is a Filipino-American Artist & Healer based in Atlanta, GA. She's been drawn to creative & mystic arts since childhood. She's spent her life cultivating, strengthening, and blending her gifts together. This growth has provided her the capability to assist with the creation of a greater sense of awareness within herself. Her purpose is to share this with other in her artwork and her energy work.

Soo Kim (2).jpeg

soo kim


I am a Korean-American Painter residing in Atlanta Georgia. My works celebrate the joys in my life expressed through various mediums. While I use a variety of materials and processes in my works, my methodology is consistent and linked through the repetition of the process or subject matter. I am influenced by surrealism and minimalism when arranging and conceiving of ideas.

Victoria Ung

Casual Artist

My name is Kanchana Victoria Ung, and I am a casual artist. I like to paint scenes from my own photos or scenes that I imagine will fit whatever I decide to concentrate on in the moment. My work has mostly been acrylic paintings, but I'm hoping to advance into oil paints! I began painting during my last year of high school, but I took a hiatus sometime beginning college. Now, I've picked the hobby back up, and I'm still learning new ways to practice art!

Victoria Ung.jpg

Yoon Nam (1).jpg

yoon nam

Visual Artist

A definite “in-betweener” of a variety of interests and hobbies, Yoon holds a Ph.D. in 16th and 17th century British literature, is a dj and loves records, and also draws and paints. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, a beautiful cat named Reginald, and a new addition to the household, a cat named Spicy.