WAYRF Performers

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ALEX AHN violin

Electric Violinist

Alex Ahn is a classically trained violinist from Atlanta, Georgia. Since starting the violin over two decades ago, he gradually transitioned from the strict structure of classical violin to developing his own free flowing style stemming from the culture of Atlanta. Now Alex has played all over and to this day Alex continually develops his style in ways people would’ve never imagined the violin to sound. Time and time again, Alex Ahn shows the violin can be whatever you want it to be.  



Spoken Word Artist

Kavi Vu is a spoken word artist and videographer hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She considers herself a storyteller who hopes to inspire her audience with her passion for cultural identity and social justice. She believes that too many ideas are left unspoken and too many stories are going untold from generation to generation. Through storytelling and videography, she is committed to being a part of the movement that brings more Asian Americans on our screens, on the stage, and to the polls.




Eli is an R&B/Pop recording artist who has a background as a Jazz vocalist. She moved from NC to pursue her music and acting career in Georgia. When she's not singing, she's filming on a project and vise versa. She is happy to be here to perform for you all and to stay connected with her you can follow her on IG @annaelizabethent



Guitar Based Beat Maker

Born in Korea and raised in Gwinnett County, Jobie is a guitarist currently exploring different niches in hip-hop music. His current style is influenced by lo-fi and boom-bap culture along with artists such as Steve Lacy and Tom Misch. Whether it's chopping up samples from his favorite animes or writing new chord-forward melodies, Jobie is always exploring new elements to make his music personal and exciting for him.

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gregory rashton

Spoken Word Artist

Gregory Rashton is a multi talented artist whose goal is to spread positivity to those who come across his path and his art. The inspirational singer, spoken word artist, and rapper hopes to leave behind a legacy of peace, love, and faith.

IASU - 33.jpg

gregory rashton


IASU is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Metro Atlanta. He writes atmospheric songs and lyrics about the sad and dark experiences that we've all endured. He is currently working on an instrumental album.


Urban Movement Dance Crew

HomeGrown is a recently formed urban movement dance crew dedicated to celebrating and elevating choreography that is uniquely and authentically Atlanta-inspired.

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chris harry

RnB singer songwriter 

Singer & songwriter here to give good vibes.


Joon Gu Kim (aka Gu is 9)


Gu is from a lot of places. He grew up in Bundang, South Korea, and moved to San Diego when he was 16. He’s been in Atlanta since 2011 and hopes to bring every place he’s been into his music.