Design thinking for creatives

Design thinking is for everyone. It’s an efficient way to create something from nothing. It’s a way for creatives to be their own entrepreneurs. In this workshop, we’ll cover basic design thinking and how you can apply it in your everyday life and in your work. We’ll chat about promoting a collaborative environment and do some fun design thinking exercises. Word to the wise- this workshop will involve stickies, a sense of humor, and some light standing up.


Brand building for digital & social

The dynamic digital and social landscape is redefining what it means to be a brand and that paradigm shift extends to artists and performers. Learn the principles of brand building and gain practical applications to define your personal brand, cultivate it across your social channels and evangelize your online communities to turn followers into fans.


Stacking paper: finance for freelancers

So, you’ve been at it a while…working that 9-5 and dreaming about pursuing your artistic passions full-time. But how? and when? This workshop is about helping creatives take control of their finances so they can take that leap. Basically a step-by-step workshop on…well, stacking paper.